Boreal Hanmoodo is a modern versatile martial art style based on the Nordic Han Moo Do martial art (est. 1989, Finland). It mixes combat sport and Korean style self-defense including weapons training and breaking techniques. It aims for sustainable and lifelong practice and is therefore suitable for all kinds of people.

Practicing Boreal Hanmoodo can be divided in three categories:

1. Versatile combat sport and self-defense techniques

2. Methods to enhance health and well-being

3. Methods to enhance the skill of natural movement

1. Versatile combat sport and self-defense techniques include fighting stances, steps, parries, blocks, multiple strikes (punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knees etc.), joint-locks, takedowns, breakfalls, holds, ground fighting, nunchaku-, long staff-, sword- and breaking techniques.  For gaining sustainable self-protection skills Boreal Hanmoodo combines elements from real life self-defense, traditional oriental martial art training and combat sports in a peculiar way. Boreal Hanmoodo emphasizes the control of movement. Forms of competition are versatile: Full contact sparring, self-defense demos, special kicks, weapons freestyle forms etc.

Self-defense and combat sports require excellent physical condition and perseverance. Demanding practice also calls for very careful nurture and care. 2. Methods that enhance health and well-being include versatile own body weight workout, motility and breathing exercises that aim for deepening body-awareness.  The principle of natural movement is emphasized through the workout. The practitioner starts from the personal level and develops in own pace considering the personal situation. You might call it fighting for self.  That is why Boreal Hanmoodo is suitable for all kinds of people. Boreal Hanmoodo aims to teach sustainable movement principles that will serve through the whole lifespan. Therefore through practicing Boreal Hanmoodo you develop a relaxed and elastic body and a peaceful mind. 

While moving you can conform or resist the laws of nature. Deep understanding of these skills is widely unclear. 3. Methods that enhance the skill of natural movement aim to bring the fighting art to the next level by enhancing the overall movement behind technique. In a natural state the mind and the body are more aware to react and adapt to changing and unexpected situations. A skillful and responsible martial artist understands and manages the destructive and health-enhancing side of martial art training and moves fluently in between. High understanding of movement serves sustainably in other areas of life as well by bringing performance to everyday life.  The wisdom of high quality movement can be multiplied to support any normal life activity or even sports at the highest level. 


Nordic Han Moo Do martial art was originally founded in Finland 1989 by a South-Korean master. The idea of the martial art was to distinctively combine several martial arts practiced in Korea to develop the practitioner comprehensively through versatile self-challenging. 'Han' refers to Korea, 'Moo' refers to martial art and 'Do' means 'way'. In short Han Moo Do means 'the way of Korean martial art'. Today it is common to spell the name altogether: 'hanmoodo'. You need to be careful with the name as there are several separate martial arts in the world by the name Han Moo Do. 

In 2020 a new organisation was founded to enhance the Nordic Han Moo Do: Boreal Hanmoodo - School of Martial Art. Boreal Hanmoodo Martial Art that is practiced under the organisation is an independent style of Nordic Han Moo Do but it arranges events and services for all the practitioners of the Nordic Han Moo Do and its affiliates. Boreal Hanmoodo - School of Martial Art is led by 'the Board of Black Belts' (President/Head Teacher Antti Junikka 5.dan, Janne Harju 4.dan, Jori Pisilä 3.dan, Mikko Anttila 3.dan).

The independent Boreal Hanmoodo style has developed during the 30-years of the Nordic Han Moo Do by it's most experienced members. The style became active 2020 by the need to develop the Nordic Han Moo Do martial art and it's operational body for present-day.

Boreal Hanmoodo honors the teachings of the original Nordic Han Moo Do and it's belt system but the style has it's own belt requirements. 'Boreal' refers to the birthplace of the art.